Eyelash Extensions Pur Primer – Winter Orchards Limited Edition


Winter Orchards Limited Edition Eyelash Extension Primer

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Use this primer to remove dirt, oil residues or proteins from lashes before eyelash extension set for perfectly clean lashes.

  • Improves glue retention, strenght and adhesion by 200%!!
  • Increases lash extensions staying power.
  • Helps natural lashes to grow, get healthier and stronger!
  • With natural Apple, Mistletoe, Nettle and Red Clover Extracts*.
  • Great Refreshing Green Apples and Mistletoe Sent.
  • 60 ml spray bottle
  • Professional use only
  • Keep the client’s eye tightly closed and immobilized when applying a primer.


*Natural extracts:

  • Our 100% exclusive formula contains apple extract (antioxidant and protective), mistletoe (astringent), nettle (stimulant and loaded with vitamins and minerals) and red clover (stimulates and strengthens). Your client’s lashes will thank you! 😉

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