Sublime Comfort Under-Eye Pads for Eyelash Extensions


Lint-Free Gel Eye Patch for Eyelash Extension Set


Instant Smoothing Effect – For Eyelash Extension Set

  • Very thin but strong enough to protect the skin from tweezer tips.
  • Flexible, adapts to skin movements.
  • Skincare properties (anti-aging, moisturizing, smoothing, etc.).
  • Adheres to bottom lashes and stays in place during the whole set, but easy to remove without “pulling” the skin.

How to use patches: Open the pouch and lift off the patches from the protective film.

Apply under the eyes, on top of bottom lashes, by lightly pressing from inside to outside corners.

Proceed to eyelash extension set, then slowly remove the patches.

For an express eye contour treatment, apply the patches under bottom lashes and gently remove them after 20 minutes.


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